Crystal Hair Eraser FAQs

Crystal Hair Eraser FAQs

Our Crystal Hair Eraser has been out there for several months and we are beyond grateful to all our wonderful customers. We know that our hair eraser is not for every skin or hair type, but we always try our best to reach out to each one of you on how to make it work and achieve the best results for your skin.

We’ve listed down the top questions we keep on receiving from all our customers around the world and we hope that this will help you start your hair erasing journey with us.

Q: How does Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser work?
A: All you have to do is to simply rub the hair eraser in circular motion to remove unwanted hair on your desired body parts. It’s basically a glass that has a special patterned design that allows hairs to clump and break up from the surface of your skin. You will see your hair turn to dust while the topmost layer of the epidermis of your skin is being exfoliated. It is closer to a deep shave rather than waxing.

Q: How do I use the hair eraser? Do I use it on dry or wet skin? Do I need to put anything on my skin before using it?
A: We like to reiterate that the process varies from one person to another depending on skin and hair type. We always recommend trying the hair eraser first on a small area on either your arms or legs (because your skin on those body parts are thicker compared to other areas) to see what process works or if the hair eraser is for you and your skin.

We always recommend use after a shower on dry or damp skin. You may exfoliate or scrub during your shower to open up your pores and to make your skin softer. This will help you for that easy erase. 

If it doesn’t work on dry or wet skin, we also suggest trying the hair eraser with a shaving gel/cream/butter. Some of our customers who had a hard time or experienced skin irritation have told us that it worked better once they started using the eraser with those.

We don’t suggest applying any lotion or moisturizer before use as it will make the eraser less effective. We do suggest to moisturize after every erase!

We also keep saying that we have a 30-Day Return Policy that allows for a refund if you’re not satisfied with your results. Visit to learn more. 

Q: What is the best hair length to use this product? 
A: The Crystal Hair Eraser works wonders for both short or long hair!

Q: Can it be used on the FACE / UNDERARMS / PRIVATE AREA?
A: We don't recommend using the Crystal Hair Eraser on the face, underarms, or private area since your skin on those areas are quite thin and delicate, and may be sensitive. 

Q: Is it safe to use on my bikini lines?
A: It works on bikini lines! But we do suggest you to rub the eraser slowly and gently on that area.

Q: How frequently should we use this eraser?
A: How often you use our Crystal Hair Eraser varies for everyone. Some are comfortable using it 1-2 times a week. Others prefer once every 2 weeks. We suggest you adjust accordingly based on the tolerance of your skin and on your hair growth.

We don’t recommend daily use as it may cause irritations. Too much hair erasing and exfoliating is not good for your skin.

Q: Is it safe to use on tattooed skin?
A: Absolutely! Our Crystal Hair Eraser is a safe alternative to traditional shaving and waxing procedures since it works even on tattooed skin.

Q: Is it safe to use on sensitive skin? How about on skin with psoriasis or keratosis pilaris?
A: Aside from the erasing process, results also vary from one person to another. This again depends on your skin and hair type. We do have customers who have sensitive skin, psoriasis, or even keratosis pilaris that have shared their good experience with our Crystal Hair Eraser and it worked for them.

We also have a few that didn’t. So again and again, if you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions, first try it on a small area on your arms or legs.

There you have it, babes! Hope we’ve cleared these questions for you!

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