Remove Unwanted Hair With Bleame!

Before using your Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser, read through these product use instructions and product care tips. If you have any questions, reach out to us at before use.

Prep Your Skin

  • You may choose to take a shower or just wash the areas you’ll treat to remove dirt and impurities that may cause skin irritation.
  • Don’t forget to lightly exfoliate during your shower to lift the hairs away from the skin and to prevent ingrowns.
  • Start with softened hairs and open pores—we recommend to use Bleame immediately after showering.

Enjoy Your Erase

  • Using moderate pressure, simply rub the Crystal Hair Eraser in circular motions on the desired area. It will take about 10-15 circular motions in order to remove hairs.
  • When hair builds up on your eraser, simply brush it off or wash it with water, but let it dry before using again.
  • Rinse your skin with water and pat dry.

Good To Know

  • Bleame™ Crystal Hair Eraser is safe to use on knuckles, arms, legs, chest, back and bikini area. If you have sensitive skin, try it on your arms or legs first before you use it on other delicate parts.
  • We don’t recommend using the eraser on your underarms or face as your skin on those areas are thin and delicate.
  • Feel your skin to find areas you may have missed and go over them again. However, we recommend not to overuse it as it may cause redness or skin irritation.
  • Under running water, clean the surface of the hair eraser and let dry before use.

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