4 Skincare Trends From the '90s That Are Still Selling Strong Today

4 Skincare Trends From the '90s That Are Still Selling Strong Today

If you have a penchant for nostalgia and a love of skincare, then this one's for you!

The ‘90s were an iconic decade for fashion and beauty, and many of its most beloved skincare trends are still going strong today. 

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Who would have thought that beauty trends from the ‘90s would make such a comeback?

Here’s a list of 4 skincare trends from the ‘90s that are still selling strongly today — with a special mention of one miraculous product! 

#1. The AHA Facial Peel

In the '90s, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) facial peels were everywhere. In the 21st-century skincare market, they're still around and trending strong!

That's because they offer users a deep exfoliation that promises a smoother, brighter complexion after use.

Unlike other more abrasive treatments on the market, AHA peels are much gentler and won't strip away natural oils -- perfect for an at-home spa treatment that won't tear up your skin!

Now in 2023, these popular skincare treatments from the past are proving to be timeless favorites: you can trust AHA peels to give you soft, glowing skin with minimal effort.

#2. Gel Eye Masks

It looks like the '90s trend of applying gel eye masks may just stay in style for the long haul. In fact, 2023 marks a milestone for these facial accessories—it’s still going strong after more than 3 decades since their invention!

Gel eye masks provide a cooling feeling which gives tired eyes a genuine pick-me-up needed after a hard day’s work, while also reducing puffiness and redness.

It's no wonder why so many people have found themselves drawn to this miracle product over the years and continue to enjoy its many benefits today.

Plus, there's always something fun—and a little kitschy—about wearing a plastic eye mask with cartoon designs to help yourself destress!

It might be '90s nostalgia that keeps current customers returning for these classic skincare items, or it could simply be because it works like magic - either way, we're all thankful it is still around!

#3. Natural Ingredients

In the '90s, if it wasn't advertised with a bright butterfly and flowers somehow attached to it, skincare consumers weren't interested. 

Everywhere you looked there was some kind of promise of being an "all-natural" beauty goddess using ingredients that spoke more to nature than science.

And it turns out, all these years later, that investing in natural ingredients hasn't lost its appeal. 

2023 saw an exponential increase in people wanting skincare that sprinkled a bit of sunshine into their lives while also providing the security of calming botanicals and natural oils tailored to their individual skin types.

We've seen virtual store shelves divided up much like the produce section bursting with free radicals-fighting formulas filled with natural herbs, fruits, and roots packed with antioxidants – but thankfully no butterflies are required.

There's no denying that we still love investing in products filled with naturally occurring ingredients asked for by name instead of just a long list of unpronounceable chemicals. 

No wonder why this trend is still selling strong!

#4. Hair Depilation

Who didn’t try to get rid of those annoying leg hair in the '90s? Well thankfully, depilation is one trend from that era that hasn’t quickly gone out of style – in fact, it's still going strong today!



We millennials know all too well how disabling those unwanted strands can be and now with modern technology advancements like Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser, you don’t need your mom’s trusty razor anymore!

Now you can get smooth, hair-free skin and look your best when your selfies drop. So go ahead and give that same ‘90s feeling a 2023 upgrade by depilating yourself with such innovative tools available today.

It may just become one of your new favorite weekly beauty rituals!

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