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I'm totally blown away.

"Ingrown hair and the skin irritation was the bane of my life for many years. Bleame has changed the way my skin looks forever, I get so many complements from my husband daily!"

Sarah F.
Verified Buyer

Smoother, more softer leg

"I’ve only been using this eraser for a week, but so far it seems to be a pretty good hair removal. My skin is smooth and soft after using. It is lightening up my dark spots significantly!!! I love it."

Susan T.
Verified Buyer

You have to try this!!

"Money well spent! I can’t believe what I use to pay for professional waxing (painful, yuk.) and this eraser does the same thing, minus the pain! Not to mention, saves me money too."

Mariah B.
Verified Buyer

See it in action. No matter the terrain, the eraser hugs your curves.

The Future Is Hair-Free! 💜

Said the appearance of their strawberry legs improved
Noticed a reduction in the appearance of ingrown hairs
Saw an improvement in the look of skin firmness

* Results according to clinical/consumer studies. For more information refer to each product page.

Excellent 4.8 | 7,322 trusted reviews

Easily my best purchase of the year.It was painless and didn't cause any friction even when it was rubbed on the skin. I highly recommend.

Jane M. -Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Bleame™ Crystal Hair Eraser is safe to use on knuckles, arms, legs, chest, back and bikini area. However, we suggest not to overuse or rub too hard. 

NOTE: If you have sensitive skin, try it on your arms/legs first before you use it on other delicate parts. 

*We don’t recommend using the Crystal Hair Remover on your underarms and due to the skin being uneven and wrinkly. These areas are very prone to product overuse and overpressure. 

*We don’t recommend using the Crystal Hair Remover on your underarms or face as your skin on those areas are thin and delicate.

No, it actually improves your complexion by removing dead skin.

It is best to use after bath.

This varies for everyone. Some are comfortable using it 1-2 times a week. Others prefer once every 2 weeks. Adjust accordingly based on the tolerance of your skin.

It will! It actually improves the appearance of strawberry skin or razor bumps that you usually get from waxing and shaving.

Every after use, clean your Bleame under running water and brushing off any debris: hair, dead skin, etc. Store in a dry place.

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