Get Bootylicious: 7 Tips for a Terrific Tush

Get Bootylicious: 7 Tips for a Terrific Tush

Getting a super smooth booty is way easier than you might think! Here are 7 tips on how to get your best 🍑
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Want to be peachy keen? Getting a super smooth booty is way easier than you might think! 

We'll steer clear of the unnecessary fuzz and get beach-ready year round ASAP.
Here are 7 tips on how to get your best butt:

1. Exfoliate

Keep your booty bump-free with a gentle sugar scrub once or twice a week to prevent rashes, acne, and clogged pores from cramping your style back there. Go for one with salicylic acid (AKA beta-hydroxy acid (BHA)) for next-level smoothness. For surprise blemishes, a bit of benzoyl peroxide does the trick.


2. Get Fuzz-Free

Skip the razor—let's avoid any cuts and nicks down there, okay? While the Crystal Hair Eraser will give you silky smooth cheeks, a full Brazilian wax can take care of bum fuzz.  If that isn’t your vibe, a little DIY trimming in the shower is a more comfortable option. 


3. Dry Brush 

Ever tried dry brushing? If not, brushing just before a shower is best! It tightens and tones your skin by increasing blood flow, promotes cell renewal, and helps curb cellulite! Use a brush with natural bristles and scrub in circular motions on dry skin before a shower. 


4. Moisturize and Lift! 

While a good moisturizer can work wonders, our Booty Boost Mask takes it up a notch. Oh, you’ve got to try it! Packed with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and natural caffeine extract, it visibly hydrates, tightens, brightens, and lifts to give you a seriously perkier peach!

5. Fuel up on Booty Snacks

Did you know that there are foods that can add volume to your butt? Especially those with protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals that support muscle repair and growth. Think poultry, lean meats, tofu, nuts, seeds, olive oil, cottage cheese, and avocados.


6. Be Picky with Your Panties

Ladies, choosing the right panties isn’t just about style. The right fit and fabric can help prevent irritation, reduce the risk of skin issues, and provide proper support. You can never go wrong with well-fitted, breathable, cotton panties that support your natural shape without digging in.

7. Cut Back on Sugar  

Ditching sugary snacks will benefit your beautiful backside. A little too much sugar triggers inflammation and damages collagen and elastin (the stuff that keeps you looking young!) which leads to wrinkles. Remember, life is sweet, but your snacks can be too—just choose wisely! 


Booty Game Up 

Give your booty AND confidence a boost with these tips for a perkier, smoother derrière. From scrubs to our hydrating Booty Boost Mask, it's all about self-love—and that radiant peach deserves it! 🍑💖