List Of Foods You May Want To Avoid If You Want Healthier-Looking Skin

List Of Foods You May Want To Avoid If You Want Healthier-Looking Skin

Eating healthy is one of the most important aspects to having healthier-looking skin. However, some foods can actually do more harm than good.

If you want to maintain a beautiful complexion, then there are certain foods that you should avoid.

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Here's a list of foods that can contribute to skin issues such as acne, premature wrinkles, and dullness.

Plus, we've added in our favorite body scrub that will help you keep your skin glowing! 

Sugar-loaded Foods

Sweets are delicious, but they also contain lots of sugar which can have an inflammatory effect on the skin and lead to acne breakouts due to the hormonal fluctuations it causes.

Try reducing your intake of candy, cookies, cakes and other sugary snacks for healthier-looking skin. 

Processed Foods

Processed food is often high in sodium and fats, both of which can wreak havoc on your complexion by causing inflammation and clogged pores leading to breakouts.

If possible try cutting down on processed items like chips, canned soups, frozen dinners and fast food meals. 

Dairy Products

Dairy products are known for their high levels of hormones which can increase oil production leading to breakouts.

If you're dealing with persistent acne or other blemishes then consider cutting dairy from your diet or limiting it significantly. 


Overindulging in alcohol can really take its toll on your skin if done regularly.

Alcohol dehydrates the body leaving us with dry and dull looking skin while also causing redness and puffiness due to excess fluid retention under the eyes.

So if you're trying to keep looking radiant then it's best not to overdo it when drinking alcohol! 

The Bottom Line

While these foods may be tempting at times remember that they could cause more damage than good when it comes to achieving healthier-looking skin!

However don’t worry because we’ve got just what you need!



Gleam Body Scrub is packed with natural ingredients that helps keep your skin hydrated while gently exfoliating away dead cells for a smoother complexion without irritation or damage!

Try using this scrub once or twice a week paired with avoiding these unhealthy foods for brighter-looking skin in no time!

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