Top 3 Ways You're Making Your Hair Removal A More Painful Experience

Top 3 Ways You're Making Your Hair Removal A More Painful Experience

You've been growing out your hair for weeks, maybe even months.

The day has finally come to rid yourself of the unwanted fuzz, but...suddenly, you're filled with dread.

Because you know that for the hair removal process to be effective, it will hurt. A lot. 

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But did you know that it doesn't have to? Sure, some pain is inevitable when removing hair - especially unwanted fuzz!

But there are certain things you can do to make sure the experience isn't as painful.

From using the wrong products to not preparing your skin beforehand - here are the top 3 ways you're making your hair removal a more painful experience:

1. Not Preparing Your Skin

If you want to reduce the pain of your next hair removal experience, remember to prep your skin first!

Taking a few extra minutes to get the area gently exfoliated and hydrated can make all the difference for those who suffer from sensitivity.

Exfoliating removes any dead skin cells that may be in the way, while moisturizing soothes dry, irritated skin.

Not prepping your skin beforehand results in an even more painful process since neglected, rough surfaces lack slide and glide, and hairs cannot be pulled at their follicles.

All-in-all, taking the extra few moments before your hair removal experience can make all the difference— why suffer more when you don't have to?

2. Shaving in the Wrong Direction

When it comes to hair removal, shaving in the wrong direction can be a downright treacherous task!

This can cause not only immense pain but can also lead to ingrown hairs, razor burns, and cuts.

Of course, if you like your legs to look like they've been attacked by an angry bear, you might as well just shave against the grain!

But trust us, no one wants that 'look,' so please don't go there!

The truth is that shaving with the grain will not only save you time and keep your complexion looking smooth, but it will also leave you with a much more pleasant experience.

I'm sure we all have experienced what it's like to entirely forget about directions when in a rush for work, so let this be your friendly reminder.

Rule of thumb: always shave in the same direction as your hair growth.

3. Using the Wrong Tools

Nothing is more frustrating and painful than when you use the wrong tool for hair removal.

Have you ever experienced waxing that went horribly wrong or irritation after using a tweezer way too many times?

Not only is it excruciatingly painful, but it also takes forever - who has time to spend hours dealing with stubborn hair?

That's why Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser was created-- for those who want a quick and painless hair removal experience!



With this revolutionary device, your annoying hair will be gone in minutes-- pain-free.

Get rid of unwanted body hair instantly and effortlessly with Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser and put those days of enduring excruciating pain behind you!

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