Make This Holiday Season Unforgettable With These Creative, Fun-Filled Christmas Party Games!

Make This Holiday Season Unforgettable With These Creative, Fun-Filled Christmas Party Games!

There's no better time to be a kid than during Christmas! With the holidays bringing so much joy and cheer, it's truly hard not to feel festive.

That being said, while adults might enjoy the occasional gathering of friends, kids just want to have fun and play games–- so what's more perfect for them than a Christmas party?

To ensure everyone in the family is having a great time, here are the top 10 holiday games everyone will love!

#1. Santa Limbo



For a twist on the classic limbo game, have Santa or Rudolph come to life and see how low everyone can go!

Just replace your usual Limbo stick with Christmas lights, have everyone dress up as Santa for that perfect Christmas twist, and you're ready to go.

Let Rudolph judge who goes the lowest and award them a prize!

#2. Christmas Carol Pictionary

Create two teams and give each group a list of Christmas carols with clues. The team who guesses the most carols correctly wins!

You can also have an artist from each team draw the carol while the rest try to guess it–- this is sure to be a hit among all ages.

#3. Christmas Family Trivia

This fun game will test your family's knowledge of Christmas movies, songs, and trivia.

Create questions about popular holiday films or ask questions about their characters. You can also make up your own trivia facts to keep everyone on their toes!

#4. Christmas Movie Bingo

Write down titles of popular Christmas movies on bingo cards and have everyone check off the movies as they see them.

The first one who gets a row filled wins! This game is sure to be a hit with all the classic films playing during the holidays.

#5. Christmas Charades

This is a great game to get everyone in the spirit of Christmas.

Write down characters or scenes from classic Christmas films, put them into a bowl, and have two teams take turns acting out the charades until someone guesses correctly!

The team with the most correct guesses wins!

#6. Christmas Scavenger Hunt 

Hide various Christmas items around the house and have kids race to find them.

You can also add a twist by having them solve puzzles or riddles before they can get to the item. Award prizes for the fastest team!

#7. Jingle Bell Toss

This is a great game for younger kids.

Have them toss small jingle bells into a container from various distances, and the one with the most bells in the jar wins!

This can be done indoors or outdoors–- it's an easy game that everyone will love.

#8. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This classic game is perfect for the holidays.

Draw a large Rudolph face on a poster board, give each person a felt piece with an adhesive nose, blindfold them and have them try to pin the nose as close to Rudolph's eyes as possible.

The one with the closest placement wins!

#9. DIY Ornament Piñatas

This is a great game for all ages and requires some creative spirit.

Have everyone create their own piñata in the shape of an ornament, fill it with candy and small gifts, and have one person hit it with a stick until everything falls out. Everyone gets to keep what they find!

#10. Gingerbread House Competition 

This is a great game for the whole family to participate in.

Divide into two teams and give each group the same ingredients to build gingerbread houses. Decorate them with candy and icing, and let everyone vote for their favorite!

The winning house gets a special prize.

Nothing adds cheer to Christmas like a fun-filled family party. With these top 10 Christmas games, everyone will have a blast and make memories that will last a lifetime! Enjoy!

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